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Vancouver Speed Dating

is awkward.

Discover a new and better way to meet singles at live events.

Let’s face it. Speed dating can be a hard way to meet singles. It has a reputation for being:

  • Awkward

  • High-pressure

  • Dull

  • Exhausting

  • Repetitive

  • Stressful

But when you’re tired of dating apps or prefer meeting singles in-person, what else really is there?

Speed dating has been the only innovation to singles events for the last 20 years.

And with all our advancements in technology over that time, surely there’s something better than speed dating?

Finally, there is …

Introducing Secret RSVP, the world’s 1st live-matched singles events experience.

Events designed for the modern single – to provide a more relaxed, fun, and effective experience than typical speed dating.

Secret RSVP has already been making big waves across Canada, the United States and soon to be expanding overseas.

What makes us unique from speed dating?

What makes us different is our live-matching app technology that attendees use during the event which influences the patent-pending algorithm and matching system.

This unique technology combined with in-person elements of social psychology and mystery creates a very modern and unique singles event experience.

And unlike typical speed dating events in Vancouver, we don’t ring any bells or use any cheesy name tags. Our focus is always on keeping things cool and relaxed so you can focus on being your unique and sexy self.

Speed Dating vs Secret RSVP FAQ

So you may be thinking, this sounds great but I have a few more questions so I can be sure its right for me. Here are some common questions:

Does Speed Dating work?

Since it was first invented back in 1998, speed dating has shown to be an efficient way to host singles events.

And while speed dating companies have had its share of successes over the years, its overall effectiveness has often been questioned.

Some studies show how speed dating can work for some people. However, there’s also been plenty of scientific evidence to suggest that speed dating does not work and especially not for everyone.

According to an extensive Speed Dating study by ABC News, only 20 percent of participants resulted in a “match,”. And out of those only 9 percent contacted each other. And a month later, only nine “pairs” were dating. That’s after nearly 1,000-speed dates.

Match Rate

Although many speed dating event companies may claim much higher match rates, the quality of those “matches” have also come under question.

For example, in 2011, researchers Asendorpf, Penke, and Back, put together an in-depth study to determine if speed dating was effective at helping singles make connections.

The study used a large sample of 382 singles (190 men and 192 women). All participants were real singles whose sole motivation for participation in the study was to find a real-life romantic or sexual mate. Participants went on a series of 3-minute dates and indicated whom they would like to see again. They were followed-up by the researchers six weeks and 12 months after the speed-dating session.

Their final results showed that the chances of having intimacy with a match from a speed dating event was a mere 6%.

Consider the same study done by University of Edinburgh psychologist Alison P. Lenton and University of Essex economist Marco Francesconi. They analyzed more than 3,700 dating decisions across 84 speed-dating events.

They noticed a similar startling statistic of what typically occurs after speed dating events. When participants received their “matches” after 1 or 2 days, most participants did not even follow up or respond to them.

They attributed this poor after-event success rate to one key fact: Speed dating events do not provide participants with enough of a memorable or bonding experience to occur.

So while speed dating is efficient at organizing singles, its not effective at matching them. The “speed” of speed dating is both a strength and a weakness. Its method of meeting is notorious for “dates” that are dull, repetitive, and filled with interview-style conversations.

Contrast this to Secret RSVP events which are intended as a more natural, organic, and social experience. The aim is not just dating but also providing increased fun, excitement, and better value for your time and money.

Attendees of our events come away with not only new potential relationships but also friendships and even networking relationships.

Will I meet more singles then speed dating?

Speed dating events are typically small and must be capped due to time constraints. Most speed dating events promise you will meet a minimum of 5 different singles but this is dependent on turnout and gender balancing.

Secret RSVP events are large-scale and can be as large as 60 attendees. So if dating is a numbers game (which it often is), your chances of finding someone compatible increases with more people in attendance, compared to only meeting a handful of singles at speed dating events.

How are your events more relaxed than speed dating events?

Secret RSVP events are organized in groups where you’ll play games with others to get to know them. This helps singles not only relax more and be themself so people can see them more as they are. What often occurs after our events is people have talking points where they shared in some experience during the event together.

How does speed dating events in Vancouver compare? Prices, capacity, features, etc.?

Total Singles you can match with:
Speed Dating | Secret RSVP
(5 – 10) (16 – 30)

How soon matches are known:
Speed Dating | Secret RSVP
(1-2 days) (1 hr after event)

Prizes/free drinks:
Speed Dating | Secret RSVP
(No) (Yes)

Connection types:
Speed Dating | Secret RSVP
(Dating) (Dating, friends, networkIng)


Speed “Dates” vs Shared Experiences

Speed dating is clearly efficient but is it effective? You can be efficient with things but people are not things. Not everyone can relax in an environment where they are feeling pressured or judged.

The core issue with speed “dates” is that they often resort to dull small talk that resembles more of a job interview. Everyone is in a hurry to “get the goods” which leads to repetitive questions or awkward silences and that can really drain the energy between attendees. Repeating this process many more times can feel more like needing to survive rather than one where you’re having fun and meeting people organically. It’s no wonder attendees often can’t recall whom they wrote as matches on their scorecard and what they talked about.

Alternatively, Secret RSVP events are designed with the end in mind. Our focus is on helping attendees relax, have fun, and experience memorable moments with other singles. There is a reason our events commonly go beyond the official event end times because we know people are enjoying the experience that’s occurring.

There is nothing that brings people together better and more memorable then fun and games, especially when you’re working together as a team to achieve something. This is how people’s personalities start to come out naturally which leads to singles discovering chemistry with each other.

As scientific research clearly indicates above, this is the right approach. Singles need these bonding experiences in order to move to the next step in their newly formed relationships.

What commonly occurs after our events, is that attendees will continue the conversation with talking points/highlights from the event and successfully move towards setting up their next date.

High-pressure vs Play

When we’re under a tight deadline to perform, we immediately feel stress and pressure. Olympic athletes spend years training so they can perform at a peak level for one event. A first date can be stressful enough but having to wade through an assembly line of “dates” is a nerve-wracking ordeal. This is a hard and unnatural way to meet someone at first.

The pressure is always high at speed dating events because you only have a few minutes to make the perfect first impression. This arrangement makes it hard to relax and be yourself so people can get to know the real you. This is a lost opportunity.

On the other hand, Secret RSVP events focus on helping singles relax through play. This is because we know you will always be more attractive when you are relaxed and having fun. We use group games and activities so you can get to know others more naturally through play where chemistry is discovered. Play is a great way to drop your guard and just have fun in the moment. Having a game or activity to focus on, allows you to make a better first impression, and is a great way to remove the pressure of meeting new people.

1 on 1 vs Groups

Whether it’s a microbrewery tour of Mount Pleasant or a historical walking tour through Stanley Park, group activities are a great way to meet new people that share your interest in just about anything. The conversation just seems to flow naturally when there are others about, plus you can always talk about what you’re discovering along the way.

How it Works

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At the event, use your phone to secretly add those you’re interested to meet. No one will know you’re interested.
  • EXPERIENCE ONLINE DATING IN REVERSE. You choose, then meet and discover chemistry before interests are known.
  • LIVING PROFILES. You get to see the profile and then interact with the real LIVE person.
  • MEDIUM to LARGE-SCALE EVENTS. We have many singles to choose and meet in one night.
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We’ll match everyone LIVE to those you’re connected with and send you to smaller, intimate groups for games and activities!
  • WHO WILL YOU MEET? In your groups you'll meet singles you’re secretly matched with.
  • IT'S MYSTERIOUS. How your group is connected to each other is secret.
  • MYSTERY GROUPS. You'll meet 3 different mystery groups throughout the night.
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Meet and discover new authentic connections through fun and interactive games.
  • WHO WILL YOU DISCOVER? Many leave our events with newly formed romantic, social, and even networking connections.
  • RELAXED AND FUN. We maximize the fun and keep things cool and relaxed so you can be yourself when meeting others.
  • FUN GROUP ACTIVITIES. You'll play fun games and activities specially designed for the Secret RSVP experience to discover others in an authentic way.

How the App Works

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Secret RSVP Partner Cities

Testimonial by WASHINGTON D.C.
Maliaka Mealy, DC Fray / United Fray Events Producer
"Secret RSVP was an amazing value add to our daters experience. The games were a brilliant way for daters to shake nervous jitters. Secret RSVP is exactly what dating deserves!"
Testimonial by CHARLOTTE N.C.
Amanda Rose, Dating Boutique Inc
"The event went great and everyone had so much fun! I got some great feedback!"
Testimonial by CALGARY, AB
Cory Harasym, Small Group Pastor
"Secret RSVP is a fantastic way to help break the ice for any medium-large scale social event. Technology, in the right hands, can be used to bring people together and help form relationships in real life, and this concept absolutely does this."

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