Updating your event profile

After you purchase your ticket, we create your event profile on the Secret RSVP app with the information you provide us during registration.

When you arrive at your event and our host checks you in, you will be able to login with this account to view profiles of other attendees who also registered for the same event.

  • 1. Change your default password
  • 2. Adding recent photos of yourself to your event profile.
  • 3. Help others get to know you better by answering as many ice-breaker questions as you can about yourself prior to your event.

On your web browser, access the Secret RSVP app by entering “app.srsvp.com”


Next, sign in by entering the email you registered with, and the default password (find this in your registration email).



Next, click on the “Manage your Profile” icon on the menu bar (desktop):

A sub-menu in orange appears:


Click on the “Account” icon to access your account and change your password. Make sure you “save changes” you make.


If using your phone, click on the “Menu” icon on the right-side bar:

This will open a drop down menu like this:

Click on the “My Profile” button to open the sub-menu where you can access your Account and Profile areas.


Go to your Profile section and click the “Edit your profile” button just below your city and age:

Next, click on your “Edit Your Photos” button:

This will open your photo editing area:

Click on the grey box icon that has a plus sign to upload your photo.

Make sure to set the photo you want as “Current”.


When you click on the “Edit your Profile” button, under your profile area:

You will see a list of questions that you can answer, such as “Favorite way to spend a day off”, and “If I could have one super power”… Answer as many questions as you like and remember to “Save all changes” when you are done. This will give prospective event guests a good idea of whom you are.

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