Toronto Singles Events

We host unique and modern style events for singles ages 25+ at great venues around Toronto.

Secret RSVP is a fun, social, and world’s FIRST live-matched singles events experience.

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What people told us after attending past events

“Thank you so much! When I was preparing to come this evening, I was feeling really anxious and worried. But the event really made me feel relaxed. The activities were great and I had no anxiety at all.”
Thank you for this event. I really like the concept and had a great time meeting new people.
What a fun event! I can't wait for the next one!
Thank you for this great idea and it was a fun night out! Who knows, I may get a match.
Great concept! It was fun! I liked meeting people in real life and the games made it fun.
Great event last Saturday! Keep up the great work.
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Valentine’s Day Games & Mingle – Launch Event

TUESDAY, FEB 12, 7 PM | Toronto, ON
Ages: 28 – 45
LADY TICKET (early-bird)
Tickets go up to $50 after Jan 21
Tickets go up to $50 after Jan 21

What’s unique about Secret RSVP’s Toronto Singles Events?

Toronto is such a perfect fit for our events and truth be told, we could not wait to launch here. With its vibrant city life that includes some of the world’s finest restaurants, pubs and venues, Toronto is Canada’s “city that never sleeps”.

Secret RSVP events are designed to be rich in theme – right down to what we name our tables where we invite attendees to meet and interact. We do this because it not only creates great talking points but also gives our guests a chance to tell their “story” of how they met their special someone. Imagine attending one of Secret RSVP’s travel-themed events and meeting your special someone at a table named after an exotic place, such as the Cayman Islands. You can relive your experience with “I met her in the Cayman Islands!”

With Toronto’s unique culture and eclectic venues, we have so many options to work with when it comes to bringing flavour to our event themes. It’s like giving an artist a blank canvas and a diverse palette of colors.

The types of singles our events attract include a diverse mix of professions, backgrounds and personalities which is a reflection of the diversity that makes Toronto. We know that Torontonians love trying new things, are adventurous, and love meeting new people. In fact, we have been impressed with the curiosity and excitement with Secret RSVP’s new social concept amongst Toronto’s singles. In today’s singles scene, it is refreshing to see that singles in Toronto do want to meet real people and experience real connections.

In what areas and venues will you find our singles events in Toronto?

The type of venue is an important part of our events experience so we select venues that are best for socializing and activities.

As for the neighborhoods we are particularly interested in, Toronto’s Entertainment District is where you might see a lot of our events in. Old Toronto, Queens Park in Yorkville and Little Italy, with their popular restaurants, pubs and fancy lounges, are also great options for Secret RSVP’s unique singles events.

We do keep the exact locations of our venues private and only reveal that to our registered guests to maintain the privacy of our members.

We also do this to maintain a degree of the mystery that has become lost from our lives. In a world that’s constantly revealing more and more of itself across social media,  we have fewer and fewer surprises left. There is something special about encountering the unexpected and not being able to be fully prepared for things that can happen naturally.

Do we host Toronto speed dating events?

While some people may enjoy speed dating as one option for meeting new people, Secret RSVP does not offer speed dating events. In fact, because we perceive speed dating as being awkward, high-pressured and monotonous, we created Secret RSVP as a way to have fun and meet new people without the pressure. Besides, we tend to agree with Plato, who said that you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. So we build in lots of play into the Secret RSVP method. If speed dating is something you’re after, we’re certain you’ll find many Toronto dating events of that style readily available elsewhere. But, if you’d rather do something fun, modern and far more interesting then please stick around. We know you’ll be glad you did.

Will there be singles events for over 40-year-olds?

We created Secret RSVP out of a passion to help everyone be social, and hopefully discover chemistry secretly. Therefore, our vision is for Secret RSVP events to be in every corner of this beautiful planet for people of all ages. For now, we are limited by demand but with your help in spreading the word about us, we know that our vision will be fulfilled someday. In the meantime, if you do not see any events within your desired age range, please let us know you’re interested in Toronto dating events and add yourself here.

What new things are planned for upcoming events in Toronto?

The best way to know what new things we have planned is to get on our Secret RSVP Club list. We’ll notify you as soon as tickets are available for our Toronto singles events!

The time has come to bring a new way to meet singles in Toronto and experience

Real People. Real Connections.

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