Partner With Us

Secret RSVP is designed as a platform engine that powers connections between singles based on their secret guestlists at live events. This means that we offer a range of solutions for you to use this platform to run your own singles events!

Why Partner with Us?

Secret RSVP’s new way of meeting takes the “awkward” out of singles events, and empowers you to match singles in real-time at live events. In an era where online dating is becoming stale and “distant”, Secret RSVP’s live-event interactions attract singles genuinely looking to connect.

Secret RSVP also allows you to continue to provide the services that make you unique while offering your clients this new way of meeting. And of course, your events will no longer be limited by the number of attendees per event because Secret RSVP events are large-scale events with the power of generating small-group interactions.

Are you the right partner?

A Secret RSVP partner is one who has strong knowledge and experience with the singles market. Ideally, you would have an established list of singles clients whom you already work closely and would love to offer this new way of meeting to your clients.

A Secret RSVP partner may also be someone with a gift, talent or expertise in a specialty area that can be turned into a fun-filled activity for singles. Popular activities with singles include wine-tasting, painting, team-building, tours, etc. Find a great venue and you can showcase your expertise using Secret RSVP’s way of meeting while your clients learn something new.

A Secret RSVP partner may also be an established bricks-and-mortar venue that offers specialty activities. Got a great venue space that can potentially offer a unique experience for singles? Talk to us – our hosts can help you run a successful event at your space.

Most importantly of course, you embrace the power of technology and want to put it to great use for your clients.

What can you expect from us?

Just as we expect the best from our partners, we provide the best support for our partners as well. As a Secret RSVP partner, you can expect to be supported through every event, from the planning phase to the actual event day. During the event, you can choose between online and/or live support.

Continuous improvement is important to us. Following your event, we conduct a post-event evaluation with you and determine the successes and opportunities for improvement in order to better serve your needs. We also share any feedback from event participants with you through a brief post-event survey.

Want to learn more?

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