A new adventure awaits!

We hope you have enjoyed a great summer! We have had a rare opportunity to take a break as well and look at the opportunities ahead with Secret RSVP. Oops, I lied. The truth is, we did not really take a break (ok, maybe just a little). Instead, we have been very busy exploring a whole new world of possibilities going forward, and we are excited to share them with you!

The last year has been eye-opening, gratifying, and full of excitement. Yes, the kind of excitement we know many of you have experienced in our Secret RSVP events! We saw many happy faces, many friendships cultivated, and of course, chemistry between our members. I personally saw many arrive at our events, nervous, some with trembling fingers, who soon after, settle into the comfortable company of new-found friends. These same people leave after the event (eventually, because no one really leaves on time) as if they have just met their long-lost buddies.

We are thankful.

We are thankful for those who had the courage to step out in faith to try a brand new way of meeting and making friends. And most of all, we are thankful to everyone who made room in their lives for more friends. Thank you for making our vision come to life – REAL singles who value making real connections, coming to our events with their fully-charged smartphones, secretly indicating whom they are romantically interested in, and being matched live into more intimate groups for fun, games and friendships.

So what have we been up to, and what can you expect next?

For one, we are inspired to bring the Secret RSVP experience to as many singles as possible – all over the world. After all, what we crave is to help singles find meaningful and purposeful connections. Over the summer, we have reached out in search for the best partners who also believe in “meeting-in-real-life”. And we are excited to announce that we are in the process of establishing partnerships across major hubs in USA and beyond! We will continue to serve our singles in Calgary and Toronto, and are now looking at expanding into Vancouver and Montreal. We ask for your continued support with helping us spread the word to your friends and family as we take on this exciting journey.

Another thing we are super excited about is that we want to share more of our story with you. Our own personal journey from singlehood to being happily married has been riddled with ups and downs, as with any human journey. We hope that as we open our hearts and share our experiences with you, you will somehow be encouraged in your own search for a special someone!

Let’s venture together.