3 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank (but will break the ice!)

Excited about the upcoming @Secret RSVP Halloween Singles Games Night this Saturday? So are we! And boy do we have an exciting evening planned. Plus, of course, you’ll get to use the Secret RSVP app to secretly choose those you are interested to meet, and we’ll match you live with your secret connections!

If you’ve been putting off thinking of what you’re going to wear to the party, here are 3 creative DIY Halloween costume ideas that won’t blow your budget!

Everyone loves a mystery! You’ll invoke curiosity for sure with these costume ideas – what a great way to break the ice and spark conversation!

Chip on One’s Shoulder

Having a chip on his shoulder, a conceptual shot on a saying

Feeling entitled? Well, you certainly deserve to! You ARE entitled to have a great time, socialize and meet new people! You might even discover chemistry secretly this Saturday so come on out, relax and have fun! We’ve taken the pressure out of meeting new people. Many of our guests leave with new-found friends so yeah, put that chip on your shoulder!

Fork in the Road

Who knows? You may be faced with a fork in the road…

This Saturday, you may be faced with a significant turning point in your life! Who knows? You may have to experience the heart-pumping excitement of asking someone out after a super-duper fun evening of chemistry… or be asked out by someone you find interesting! Whatever happens, the fork in the road may signal a life-changing moment to come in your life!

Fifty Shades of … ahem … Grey

A DIY Home store is a great resource for this DIY costume!

OK, this one will require some work on your part. Go to your favorite DIY home store, head straight to the Paints section, and locate a collection of grey paint samples of varying shades. This costume will signal to those around you that you’re adventurous, playful and ahem, full of surprises!

A Halloween night out doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! Get creative with your attire and most of all, be comfortable! Got more fun ideas? Send them to info@srsvp.com by Friday Oct 25, 12 noon! The best idea will win a complimentary admission to our upcoming Oct 26 Halloween singles evening! Of course, if you’d prefer to come dressed as yourself – we won’t judge!

Have fun!