Secret RSVP Pre-Launch Party Recap

What an evening to remember – there was celebrity role-playing, out-of-the-box creative thinking, aspiring artistes, and towers crashing!  All these were happening at our Secret RSVP pre-launch party last Saturday evening.

Upon arrival, everyone was given a sealed envelope containing their unique celebrity profile card and told to keep it secret.

We kicked things off with a mystery ice-breaker where everyone had to guess the celebrity others were role-playing. The one who guessed the most names correctly won a prize!

Then the Secret RSVP app sprang into action. On everyone’s celebrity profile card was also a unique login which they used to add other celebs they were interested in meeting. Once guest lists were updated, we ran our real-time matching algorithm and sent invitations for everyone to meet in smaller, more intimate groups for team-based interactions.

First up – the Marshmallow Tower Challenge! Folks had to build the tallest and strongest marshmallow tower. We saw different team dynamics and personalities emerge – the planner types, the just-do-it types, the “supervisor” types, and the competitive types!

We were intrigued by the solidarity that was born from complete strangers with a common objective – winning!

What everyone wasn’t told was what the stress test was (two grown fists smashing the foundation)! And the winner? You be the judge!

Next, we ran our matching algorithm again and folks joined their new groups they were secretly connected with. This time, they were given a list of items for the “Not-So-Easy” Scavenger Hunt. My personal favorite was when groups had to act out a scene from a movie. This was when we saw hidden talents emerge – there were directors, producers, and of course the actors.

All in all, everyone had a fabulous time, and we’re all geared up for our next event happening October 6th. Come join us – and show us your creative side!

Early-bird tickets will be available to those on our list. Interested? Request an invite here.