Event Recap: Movies and Travel Trivia Games Night

For all those in attendance, it was a night to remember and one we will never forget!

With just a week to go, the last remaining tickets sold out with ten more on the waitlist.

We had the entire upper floor at a hip upbeat venue located downtown called Barcelona Tavern in Calgary.

The event attracted a wonderful group of professional singles. We had doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, business owners, entrepreneurs, you name it. We also had a large mix of introverts, extroverts and ambiverts.

In keeping with the movie theme, we kicked things off with a large group ice-breaker named “Celebrity Amnesia”. Guests were given a celebrity identity with a slight catch. They didn’t know who that celebrity was (concealed on their back) and could only ask yes or no questions to find out.

Once they figured out their identity, the next step was to find other celebrities from movies they were both in. The room was bursting with life with some high-fiving and racing to us when they found a movie match… with Google’s help of course! The winning couples continued to receive tickets towards the lucky prize draws at the end of the night.

Every table was named after an exotic destination. Everyone waited in anticipation for which one of the seven tables they were going to first. Would it be the Cayman Islands, the Canary Islands, Mauritius? And who would be joining them and why? 

And then it was go time! We ran the algorithm for the first round and Secret RSVP invitations were sent to everyone’s phones. As people joined their exotic location tables, we started giving out instructions on the first round activity. It was guys vs gals in the “Where in the World”, a travel trivia game. First impressions were set aside as everyone competed to win! After the battle of the sexes, the winning genders received lucky draw tickets along with some friendly jabbing. 

After that, we ran 2 more rounds with different activities and group connections. Each round was charged with fun, excitement and mystery. People were immersed with their group activity but in the back of their minds also wondering how they were connected. And of course no one knew, and that’s the magic behind Secret RSVP. The aim of our events is to help everyone be themselves and allow their personalities to shine through and just see what happens – kinda like mixing chemicals together!

Someone even came up to us at the end of the event with an expression of gratitude. He said “Thank you so much! When I was preparing to come this evening, I was feeling really anxious and worried. But the event really made me feel relaxed. The activities were great and I had no anxiety at all.” 

For us, that’s priceless. That’s why we launched Secret RSVP in the first place because we also know how hard it can be.

But even more priceless, was during the post-event phase. Guests were given 48 hours to review everyone at the event. And there were many mutual connections! 

And we were so ecstatic and thankful for the opportunity to play a part in helping others discover chemistry with Secret RSVP.

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