Event Recap: Christmas Party Games Night in Calgary!


Santa’s Elves were a busy bunch at our Christmas Party Games Night last Saturday! Nevermind that there was a mellower speed dating event happening next door – that didn’t stop the elves from jumping right to the tasks at hand. And there was certainly no time or need for these singles to be bashful!

Things got rolling with a light get-to-know-yah game called the Human Scavenger Hunt. Everyone was given a card full of squares and descriptions and they needed to find people that matched the square for things like…

  • Has driven a motorcycle
  • Has traveled to the same place
  • Sung Karaoke in front of strangers
  • Participated in a recent charity
  • Has a picture of mom on their phone, and
  • Your favorite character in Lord of the Rings

There were also some mini-play activities for the daring like…

  • Make up a secret handshake together
  • Make a silly face together
  • Play rock, paper, scissors and win

Most of the cards were filled up with names and as a result, everyone got pretty settled in and comfortable with who was there.

Then we took a short break to give everyone a chance to grab a drink, peruse the appetizers and of course update their secret guest lists.

Phones soon began to blink and buzz as we sent out everyone’s Secret RSVP invite to meet their first mystery group of the night. This being a Christmas theme, the meeting tables were named after Santa’s Elf teams:

  • Frosty’s Posse
  • Fab-YULE-us
  • Silent Knights
  • Noel-It-Alls
  • #elfies
  • Prancer’s Dancers
  • Gingerbread Gang!

Once at tables, groups learned that Santa’s GPS system had conked out and the elves needed to create the best beacon tower possible to help guide Santa home. But not any tower would do – for this one had to not only be tall and sturdy but also attractive!   

We could see the groups (err elves) busy chatting and planning while personalities naturally started to come out. This game involved not only the thinkers but also the creative and aesthetically minded and judging by the end results – sparks were also flying too. 

Some impressive towers started to take shape and by the end we had all kinds of creations. Here’s a shot of one that did pretty well:

As the next round of invites (aka. SRSVP) were sent and new mystery groups were formed, a new activity was introduced.

This time everyone was given a card with a phrase and each person had to draw a picture of what they thought best described it. The drawing was then passed to the person on their right and that person had to write a phrase that best described the drawing. This pattern continued around the table until each person received their original drawing back along with the stack of cards that others added to it.

For example, this one started with “When a diaper can no longer hold” which became…

And things went downhill after that…

We could hear lots of laughter as each person revealed the “story” that gradually changed from the original phrase card. And yes, many budding Picassos were around some tables but this activity didn’t require that. The best laughs came from the creative and witty cards which brought out everyone’s personality in a fun way… and of course a good dose of chemistry mixed in too!

Most importantly to us though was the many new friendships and mutual connections that formed on the night!

So many more things to share but we can’t spoil all the surprises – you’ll just have to get a ticket to our next Secret RSVP calgary singles event!