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We host unique and modern style events for singles ages 25+ at great venues in central areas around Calgary.
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Valentine’s Day Games & Mingle

THURSDAY, FEB 14, 7 PM | Calgary, AB
AGES: Ladies 28-42, Gentleman 30-44

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Secret RSVP is a fun, social, and world’s FIRST live-matched singles events experience.

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Originally invented in Canada, this new patent-pending way of meeting has been the talk of the town since launch, with sold-out events that appeal to all types of singles.

What can I expect at this event?

You can expect a fun, relaxed and modern way to meet around 40 – 50 singles in one evening over games and group-based activities.

The theme for this event will be interactive group games around a Valentine’s Day theme. Yes, you can expect lotsa fun, LOLs and a pressure-free environment.

Our events are all about having fun and connecting in real life in a low-pressure environment – and while we won’t promise you’ll meet the “one” (although people may have) – you can be sure you’ll have a great time and make meaningful connections.

What kinds of people attend these events?

Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, shy or out-going, we attract all types of professional singles. We also see people come back to our events so we must be doing something right. We think its largely due to the way we designed Secret RSVP events to be a low-pressure way to connect IRL and that’s something we all need to do more of these days.

How is Secret RSVP different?

We don’t believe in awkward speed dating or dull, run-of-the-mill singles “mixers”

Our events were designed for the modern single so you wont be sent through a treadmill of awkward one on one “dates” or pressured to approach others.

We believe in a modern way to meet … so you’ll need to bring your phone.

We embrace technology and innovation. Many believe we need to throw our phones away in order to connect IRL (in real life) but that should not be necessary. Share an experience that’s a little bit different, that’s meant to help us all connect in a better way.

You get to know others through games & activities

“You Can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play than in a Year of Conversation” – Plato

In our game-style events, we run things like trivia games, card games (i.e. cards against humanity), Jenga truth or dare, tower-building, never-have-I-ever guys vs gals, and many others. Things that are light, fun and good for getting to know others.

We use psychology & mystery

There is a great deal of psychology behind Secret RSVP. One aspect that we’ve seen occur first hand at our events is the Uncertainty Principle. This happens when we are around people that may be interested in us or we are interested in them but we are uncertain. This heightens excitement and attraction.

What people told us after attending past events

“Thank you so much! When I was preparing to come this evening, I was feeling really anxious and worried. But the event really made me feel relaxed. The activities were great and I had no anxiety at all.”
Thank you for this event. I really like the concept and had a great time meeting new people.
What a fun event! I can't wait for the next one!
Thank you for this great idea and it was a fun night out! Who knows, I may get a match.
Great concept! It was fun! I liked meeting people in real life and the games made it fun.
Great event last Saturday! Keep up the great work.

What’s unique about Secret RSVP’s calgary singles events?

We theme our events around the culture and cities we run in. And because Calgary is well-known for its western culture, some of our events have this “flavour” baked right in (and no we’re not talking about a Stampede breakfast). Part of the draw to our events experience is the small-group activity so without “spilling the beans” just yet there are many ideas planned for our western style events & adventures. 

The unique style of our events also fits right in with those pioneering and adventurous singles we seem to attract who have chosen the wild west of Canada as their home.

But that’s not to say everyone falls under the adventure type because we do get quite a diverse mix of singles from a variety of professions, backgrounds and personalities. And it’s such a cool sight to behold when different types of people are brought together in a secret way and real chemistry occurs. It’s very similar to a science experiment when mixing unknown chemicals together – it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” that spark will occur and we’ve seen it happen first hand.

In what venues will you find our singles events in calgary?

Calgary is home to some wonderful venues that we’ve had the pleasure of hosting our events in. We do like to keep our locations secret just because we are afterall all about keeping things that way 🙂 As much as we love the western theme of this great city that doesn’t mean you’ll find our events nestled in some loud and dark cowboy-style venue. Quite the contrary. We’re always on the lookout for new venues and locations, whether that’s down on 17th Avenue with its high concentration of pubs and lounges or over in Mission with its upscale Irish pubs and well-heeled wine bars. We’re also attracted to areas like Kensington and Sunnyside with its great neighbourhood pubs and fancy lounges, and ofcourse the downtown core has loads of popular pubs and lounges.  

Do we host calgary speed dating events?

While we don’t want to harp on speed dating here as there are many pros to that method of meeting for some people, we do know it’s not for everyone and definitely not for us. Besides, there are calgary dating events of that style already available so if that’s something you enjoy then we won’t stand in your way. But, if you’d rather do something fun, modern and far more interesting then please stick around as we think you’ll be glad you did.

Will there be singles events for over 40 year olds?

We’d love to put more events together for this age group and above. There is no age barrier with Secret RSVP but we are limited by demand so if you’re in this age group please get on our list and let us know you’re out there and interested in calgary dating events like us. And even better would be to help share us with your friends and family and don’t keep us as your best kept secret.

What types of games and activities are used at your events in Calgary?

You can read all about our past events on our blog. We will say that many have told us they love the way that our events work. The games and activities are a key part to us in helping people relax, be themselves and have a good time. And with each event we keep learning for what works best for those that love what we do.

What new things are planned for upcoming events in Calgary?

You’ll just have to stay tuned to our station so you don’t miss some of the exciting things we have in store for you to meet new singles at Secret RSVP calgary singles events!

The time has come to bring a new way to meet singles in Calgary. Reserve your spot at one of our upcoming events today.

Has Secret RSVP been in any Calgary news? 

We’ve actually been featured in a few places but most recently we were interviewed by Casey Logan: A whole new way of dating in the Calgary Sun. 

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