Use your smartphone to secretly choose people at the event.
We match and invite you to meet in small relaxed groups.
Get to know others naturally through fun games & activities.

Secret RSVP

A fun, social, and world’s FIRST live-matched singles events experience.

Tired of the endless swiping “games” and misleading profiles?


Not interested in those awkward and monotonous speed dating events?


Secret RSVP is a refreshing new way for singles to meet that’s fun, relaxed and modern.


It’s like online dating but in reverse and occurs at a live event: MATCH. MEET. CHAT.


It’s like speed dating but more relaxed and fun with singles you’re secretly matched with.

You’ll meet many new singles and form new connections and friends.

You’ll enjoy a night filled with fun, excitement and mystery.

Events available in Calgary, Toronto, and recently launched select US cities.

Upcoming events

Find exclusive Secret RSVP events in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and partner cities in Charlotte, N.C., Washington D.C. and other U.S. cities.
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Singles Events Toronto - Secret RSVP
Singles Events Vancouver - Secret RSVP
Partner Cities
Singles Events London - Secret RSVP
Charlotte, N.C.
Singles Events New York - Secret RSVP
Washington, D.C.
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Member reviews from past events

Testimonial by Calvin
Great concept! It was fun! I liked meeting people in real life and the games made it fun.
Testimonial by Sarah
Thank you for this event! I really like the concept and had a great time meeting new people this way.
Testimonial by Dave
What a fun event! I can't wait for the next one!

How it works

  • Arrive at the event and check-in with our hosts. Relax and grab a comfy seat.
  • Use your phone to browse and select attendees your’re curious about.
  • Our app finds connections and sends you an invite to meet at a specific table.
  • Join others invited to the same table to do fun games and activities together.
  • How you’re group is connected is secret and adds to the excitement and mystery.
  • You’ll be invited to 3 unique small groups lasting 15-20 minutes per round.
  • After the event, connect with whomever you fancy using the app.


Read Step By Step How Our Events Work


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